Why Should Natural Food Coloring Be Used?

Synthetic food colors are added to a food or beverage for the purpose of changing its color. Color has a special role to play in tempting our senses to eat the food. However, artificial colors are known to destroy the nutrients present in the food due to the chemical composition. These are known to cause eczema, skin problems, rashes and a variety of other health related issues. Artificial colors have also been known to lead to breathing issues and intestinal problems. To prevent such health issues, many industries are now opting for Natural Beverage Food Color solution.

Advantages Of Natural Food Colors

Colour Variety

Natural color offers a surprisingly large number of colors to choose from due to the research that has taken place to find artificial color additives alternatives. One of the latest natural colors that has been identified is purple sweet potato extract. Despite being somewhat expensive right now, people are trying to find ways to get the color cheap and quickly.


Colour is extremely important. However, the form that the color takes is also essential. Sprinkles are a popular ingredient of ice creams and donuts. However, the alternatives of natural dyes are not restricted to only coloring products. They can also be available in different shapes. Nowadays, standard natural colors are being used for toothpaste and pastries.

Health Benefits

The primary reason the government and industries are switching over to natural color from artificial color is the benefits on health. Artificial colors are carcinogenic and cause a variety of cardiovascular problems. Natural food colors that are used in food industries are FDA approved. Thus, they are safe for human consumption.  They are comparatively safe and healthier than the artificial ones. If you look at the purple sweet potato extract, it even has anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. While artificial colors can have adverse effects on the mental health of kids as well as carcinogenic effects, natural pigments have not shown any such problems.

The Color Is Essential

Food does not attract people only on the sense of smell. The color also plays a significant factor in catching the buyer’s eye. Colors also play an important role in differentiating one food brand from the other. Color is the first thing that gets noticed in a food item. Therefore, the importance of color cannot be undermined. However, the health of the customer takes the foremost precedence. The artificial colors yellow 6 and red 40 have not been checked. Thus, it is not known if these two are harmful to human health.

Taking precautionary steps from the earliest possible time can boost the reputation of the company, but it can also ensure the good health of the customers. Therefore, natural beverage food colors supplier companies are on the rise. Furthermore, raw food color development has been conducted at accelerated rates for the last many years. Thus, it is a worthy investment to switch to natural food colors for your products.

All FDA approved natural colors are tested for health purpose, and been proven to be safe for food.

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