What are the Benefits of eating cookies according to your age?

Yes, we know. It is GREAT news to know that cookies provide us with benefits. Besides being the favourite snack for many, their nutritional value is quite good.

According to the Spanish Nutrition and Health Cookie Institute, this dessert provides a high level of energy in the body due to its micronutrients, as well as containing vitamins and minerals.

In ancient times, this food was considered a kind of cereal, and when exposed to the sun, its consistency was very similar to bread yeast.

Even when looking at the nutritional guides, the cereal group is at the top, so it is very good to consume them daily.

Properties and benefits of whole grain cookies

We are already starting to analyse the benefits of eating wholemeal biscuits since it is one of the diet’s most consumed products; however, we barely know what it can provide us. It is an appropriate and allowed ingredient for a healthy diet, as long as we do not overdo it because, even though it is whole grain, it is rich in carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats and caloric elements.

So, to take advantage of the benefits of eating cookies, it will be essential that you regulate your consumption. For example, you eat 3 or 4 cookies daily, preferably during the morning (thus, you leave your body more time to consume that calorie injection).

The main and essential nutrients that whole grain cookies give us are the following:

  • Vitamins of group B, especially B6, B2 and B1
  • Minerals such as zinc, fibre, calcium and iron
  • carbohydrates
  • Proteins

However, it is a high-calorie food with a high-fat level. Therefore, you must control its consumption a lot so that you do not gain weight or fill your body with calories you do not need.

Among all the benefits of eating whole grain cookies, it should be noted that it is an ideal food to control cholesterol because its consumption improves the circulatory system, the heart, and, therefore, the blood cholesterol level. Also, it has no purines, so it is an allowed ingredient for patients with high uric acid.

Whole grain biscuits to lose weight: pros and cons

Now that you know the benefits of eating whole grain cookies, we must dismantle one of the most common food myths that exist concerning its consumption: and that is that these cookies DO NOT lose weight.

Many people believe that by consuming these cookies and not the usual ones, they are taking care of their figure. But this is not so. Eating whole grain cookies has to be limited to specific moments of the day or week when you feel like eating something sweet, but, as we have already said, never exceed your consumption.

It should be noted that wholemeal cookies are not associated with hypocaloric since some may have more calories than those made with white flour.

Whole wheat cookies vs regular cookies 

Therefore, the reason it is advisable to replace traditional biscuits with whole grains in your pantry lies not in their help to lose weight but in the fact that it is a much more beneficial and nutritious food for our health.

As we have already said, these sweets are made with flours that have not been refined and, therefore, have a greater amount of fibre, which will help us regulate the body, feel more satiety and achieve better gastrointestinal health.

They are usually used as optimal foods for weight loss diets because they are very rich in fibre and, therefore, will satisfy us with a small amount. No more, no less. They are not a miracle product, nor are they low in calories. Instead, they simply satisfy our appetites more.

On this occasion, we will show you a list of all the benefits you can acquire depending on your age.

children and adolescents

  • They favour the development
  • Increases your intellectual performance
  • They provide energy
  • help growth


  • rich in energy
  • Increases physical performance
  • Avoid hypoglycemic problems


  • rich in nutrients
  • fill with vitality
  • They satiate the craving


  • strengthen the bones
  • Heart-healthy food thanks to the fact that they contain calcium and are low in cholesterol, calories and sodium.

Pregnant women

  • contain folic acid
  • Prevents spinal cord problems 

Now that you know everything these delicacies offer, you can eat whatever you want. 

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