What is there not to love about Switzerland? There are many things to love about this beautiful country and also other things that can be done without. Nevertheless, the most popular Swiss drinks are not part of that list. Switzerland surprises everyone with its never-ending variety of high-quality drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. After all, we should not expect less as Switzerland is the very elixir of life. 

Unlike many other European countries, Switzerland is not associated with a particular drink, although the country is a large producer of wines.


The inhabitants are not popularly known for heavy drinking but they have a high reputation for making the best spirits at the heart of Europe. In addition to this, one of the most famous alcoholic drinks is produced in Switzerland. Below are lists of the popular alcoholic drinks in Switzerland;

  1. Zuger Kirsch

It is a famous cherry brandy that has been around for the past two centuries and is manufactured in the Zug region. It usually gives off a colorless spirit that has a subtle almond nuance and fruity flavor. It is distilled from local cherry varieties and is known for its versatile culinary use.  

Zager Kirsch like most drinks is often served chilled and enjoyed with any meal of your choice. 
Poire Williams

Made from the Williams tree, this colorless fruit brand is known as a type of eau-de-vie. It is generally served chilled and as an after-drink. An interesting fact that you might not be aware of is that some producers include an entire pear inside each bottle. This is achieved by attaching the bottle to a budding pear tree so that the pear will grow inside it. The production of this clear and colorless spirit is mostly associated with France, Switzerland, and Germany.


Absinthe is an anise-flavored spirit derived from several plants. Wormwood, the primary ingredient that gives absinthe its unmistakable botanical bitterness has been associated with gods and magic since ancient times. 

Absinthe is made by redistilling neutral alcohol with botanicals- the “holy trinity” is wormwood, anise, and fennel- to create a concentrated, high-proof spirit. For almost a century in Europe, this alcoholic drink was banned because it gained a reputation for being a hallucinogen and damaging to public health. In recent times, Absinthe is legal and happens to be one of the Swiss’s favorite drinks and also across Europe. 


The inhabitants of Switzerland enjoy taking after-dinner drinks and Goldschlager is another famous alcoholic beverage. Goldschlager means ‘golden leaves and has golden leaves floating in each bottle. It combines a sweet syrupy cinnamon taste with hot spicy flavors that linger delivering a seriously hot spiced finish. 


Switzerland has a wide range of soft drinks most of which are produced in large quantities. The downside of this is that if you do not live in Switzerland or never traveled to Switzerland before, you may never have heard of these drinks. Here are some popular soft drinks that you can enjoy either in the comfort of your home or while at a bar;


Due to its refreshing taste, Rivella is one of the first soft drinks. It is a light drink that has only a few calories which can help you with your active lifestyle. The unique taste of this soft drink can be attributed to its selected active ingredients especially because of milk whey. 

It would interest you to know that milk whey is very effective in regulating blood sugar levels and aiding weight loss. In addition, soft drinks like Rivella can help lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease


This soft drink is one of the best drinks to try out as it is one of Switzerland’s most reputable drinks. It has been around for years and since its inception, it has been a favorite of many. The Swiss Passaia drink is beneficial to the body as it can help your body to attain some essential minerals and vitamins. Because the drink is made from fruit extract, it leaves you refreshed and satisfied. 


Gazosa is a family-owned soda bottler that lacks proper marketing but uses word-of-mouth publicity. Nevertheless, soft drink is popular in every bar and restaurant in Switzerland, especially in the Italian-speaking part. Gazosa comes with different tastes among which lemon and blueberries are the most increasingly popular north of the Alps. 


Flauder is a swiss drink- mineral water with elderflower and lemon balm flavor. This unique soft drink from Appenzell, Switzerland has a great story behind its origin as it was created more or less by a fortunate accident. While searching for new flavors, an elderberry drink was mistakenly mixed with lemon balm. And it immediately became a bestseller and is now one of the best Swiss drinks. 


This famous soft drink has been around for a long time, since 1942. And due to its length of existence, it evokes nostalgic memories of a happy childhood. Pepita is made from grapefruit and the best mineral water from deep sources in Sissach. This popular soft drink has many different and unique flavors: Orange, Lite, Citro, and Grapefruit. In addition, it can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with beer, prepared for a cocktail, or anything for a unique taste.

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